"Sometimes love means doing what the other person wants. Even if it isn’t what you want."
— Switched at Birth


Damon in s5 Appreciation Week

Day 1: best character moment

There are at least two reasons why this moment is so important and why I chose it.

Firstly, let’s remember this: after Damon escaped, his switch was off for 52 years. During all this time, he never used this against him. He could blame Stefan, tell him he was a terrible brother, but no. Even with no emotions, Damon looked out for his brother.

Secondly, look at Elena’s reaction - and ours, too. This moment changes so much because we start wondering - what else did he go through? What other things about Damon are there that no one knows? What parts of his story does he hide just because he believes nobody cares or needs to know? Nobody knows everything about Damon.


"He’s come a long way since starting fires under the dining room table! Val being himself” - Maks


Things Siblings Do - Report You To The Parental Unit

  • "I am gonna call Mom" - Maks
  • "I also have Mom on speed dial" - Maks